Survival of the Fiercest

Survival of the Fiercest

Loose Id LLC, 2014

Chief Editor Alexandra “Lex” Martine is proud of her success. Her New York-based website for multicultural women,, just earned a spot on the Forbes top 100 websites for women. As an independent biracial woman herself, Fierce is not just a hub for women of color; it’s a huge part of her identity–and a nice distraction from her floundering love life. But when her San Francisco-based parent company goes bankrupt and her website goes up for sale, her career and her life are turned upside down.

When Lex meets Evan Cain, she resolves to fight their instant sexual attraction; lust is not on the agenda. Handsome, whip smart, and sexy, Evan has important friends who are professional athletes, and in the entertainment industry–connections that could save her website, but it’s hard to focus on work when he is stealing kisses, running his hands over her thighs, and making her want things she shouldn’t want with a perfect stranger.

Choosing work over play has been the theme of Lex’s career-driven life. But when it’s time for her to give Evan the boot, she discovers it’s not so easy, not even to guarantee the survival of the fiercest.

Survival of the Fiercest