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take a trip. have a taste. fall in love. 

Introducing the Deliciously Dechamps Series
Book 3
A Taste Of Desire
Book 2 
A Taste Of Desire
Book 1 

Praise for Chloe Blake:

“I loved the complex, realistic, and emotionally nuanced way every character is portrayed in this story. I love that personal and professional ambition are the motivation behind a lot of their decisions, but that most of them, especially Dani and Toni, are focused on the enjoyment and savoring of pleasure, too.” —Smart Bitches Trashy Books.

“OMG. I preordered this book A TASTE OF PLEASURE because I love the cover. (Don’t judge.) And I’m reading it now and it’s honestly sort of killing bc it’s so good. I literally had to stop and rush in and tell you all about it” —@JenReadsRomance

“Such a delicious romantic read. Loved the characters and the set up of Brazil and the winery. Travelled without leaving my couch! Fast paced and beautifully written. This is a MUST for romance lovers.”—Amazon review

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Chloe Blake has published three sexy novels for Harlequin and two erotic novels independently. Her nonfiction has been published on Salon.com, CNN.com, and The Frisky. Chloe lives and loves in Brooklyn, but finds inspiration all over the world. Here she is sharing a freewriting exercise with fellow writers in a cafe in Paris. Need more current information? Follow Chloe on Instagram! Be her fan on Facebook! 


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